Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. ELV1000 Non Sleeve Mens (for Teaton Broth ELV1000 non -sleeve men)


Run sleeveless

It is only 90g per square meter, featuring an excellent breathability and a grid structure without a sticky feel. This material is the world's highest level of water -repellent DRY ACTION to this material.

Flat seaming
Flat -seaming that minimizes the friction of the skin and minimizes the friction of the skin.

The whole silhouette is a raglan shape. Double cutting around the scapula does not hinder the movement of the arms and shoulders at the time of running.

Reflector logo
A brand logo with a reflector specification that enhances night visibility.

Armhole shape
An armhole with a shape that does not interfere with the movement of the shoulders and arms. By pressing the sewing, the unevenness of the seam is eliminated, and rubbing with the skin is prevented.

Shoulder offset
By setting the shoulder stitch line offset, it prevents rubbing by shoulder belt.

Lightweight material of 90g per square meter. Excellent breathability and uneven shape minimize the ground contact area with the skin, reducing stickiness when sweating.

It has excellent water repellency and high quick -drying that can hold water drops.

material:Dry Action
weight:70g (size m)


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