Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Teton Bros. ELV1000 5.5" Shorts Unisex


Teton Bros. x STRIDE LAB
TB's next generation of running shorts

New material from pertex"PERTEX EQUILIBRIUM(PERTEX EQUILIBRIUMThe next generation of TB running shorts that are quick-drying, strong, and do not stick to the body even when sweating.

The inside of the material uses thick filaments and the outside uses ultra-fine filaments. Moisture moves from the larger filaments to the smaller ones, and the so-called capillary phenomenon quickly absorbs perspiration in the garment and dissipates it on the surface. In doing so, vaporization heat is lost, which lowers the overheated internal temperature, resulting in a new material that has the effect of controlling excessive sweating.

In addition, compared to the ELV1000 5in Hybrid Short in the regular lineup, the shorts have a slightly longer 5.5 inch length than the ELV1000 5in Hybrid Short, and the leg movement when lifting the legs is not hindered, while the design is calm.

Fabric texture
Quick-drying, high-strength fabricPERTEX EQUILIBRIUM is used to quickly absorb perspiration in the garment and dissipate it on the surface.This new material is effective in controlling excessive perspiration by quickly absorbing perspiration inside the garment and dispersing it on the surface.

Offset slit
Offset side slits in the front allow unobstructed leg movement when lifting the legs.

Zippered hip pockets
Zippered center pocket with capacity to accommodate a wind shell.


Weight: 76g
*Specifications may differ from actual product due to actual measurements.


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