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Teton Bros. AXIO Lite Tee Men (TB21 for men for men)

A new base layer using domestic hybrid wool that combines "wool" and "polyester" Using the high -quality Merino wool and synthetic hybrid material released by Teton Bros"MOB (Master Obuo)"series □ Bishu ~ What is Oshu ~? Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, is famous worldwide in wool processing and development, and is known worldwide under the name of "Bishu", which represents the area of ​​Owari. From the production of thread production to commercialization, MOB is the material made in Made in Japan while receiving the development cooperation of each factory in each process. ・・・ The one that appears in the MOB series this timeAXIOA shirt using hybrid wool material. A polyester thread is embedded in a spireless thread in a single wool, supporting water absorption, absorbing sweat and spreading around, speeding up the water absorption of water. Of course, there were threads that combine wool and polyester materials in conventional products, but because polyester is wrapped outside the wool, irregularities are inevitable. HoweverIn AXIO, polyester fiber does not expose to the surface and runs in the inside of the diameter in a spiral shape. The surface of the yarn does not cause unevenness and becomes smooth, and it is easy to wear and exerts an amazing strength to Pilling. The touch is so smooth that the drape comes out, and the pattern uses a raglan sleeve, making it easy to move your shoulders and arms and are easy to use for mountain climbing and running. A combination of the goodness of polyester while taking advantage of the features of natural fiber wool, "bacterial resistance," "temperature control function," and "good comfort".XIO series Once you wear it, it is a comfortable piece that you will want to use for anything, from running, mountain climbing, and everyday base layers. ・ Made in Japan's hybrid wool "AXIO" ・With an original soft tie beck case. ・ Easy -to -move raglan sleeve

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