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Teton Bros. WAPITI HOODY2.0

A synthetic jacket that uses the high -performance insulation "Vivo" and keeps the inside of the cloth in "dry" and "warm state" even during winter activities. The three -dimensional cutting and the high -performance stretch material Primeflex of the bimetal structure original yarn are adopted as shells to significantly improve the fit and ease of movement. A "three -dimensional cutting" does not restrict the operation during exercise, and the shell fabric uses a stretch material PrimeFlex to achieve the best fit and ease of movement in outdoor activities. The batting is newly adopted, "VIVO", which ensures extremely high heat retention and achieves outstanding breathability. □ New material created in Europe [Vivo] While ensuring the same heat retention as the conventional high -performance insulation material, the fabric adopts a unique shape to ensure breathability and keep the inside of the clothing dry and warm. 90%of the fiber uses recycled material. A warm but hard -to -stuffen clothing that is easy to use as an outer or as a mid -layer. Winter layering clothing is evolving every day. In winter climbing and snow sports, clothing is required for "heat retention" and "breathability".。 However, the higher the strength of the sports, the more heat the human body sweats. In the layer ring of the field, it has been required to take off and take off down and chopstick insulation wear during breaks, such as fleece, and during breaks. However, in recent years, synthetic insulation has evolved, and the number of clothing that realizes "dynamic heat insulation" that does not become sweaty even if it moves while wearing activities has increased. While having heat retention close to a down jacket, it balances outstanding breathabilityNew "WAPITY HOODY" using the new material "Vivo"teeth The heat is hard to get inside the wear, and it is a warm and comfortable state that can be worn in a warm and comfortable state while preventing overheating. If you want more heat retention, you can ensure outstanding heat retention by laying the shell from above. This time, WAPITI HOODY2.0 is particular about draping, and when you wear it, you can see that the clothing will stick to your body firmly. By eliminating the space around the body, it achieves outstanding heat retention. (Cutting around the neck and food is excellent. I feel warmth just by wearing the hood. The sleeves are a little tight,) Recommended for walking around the city There are many things in the streets that have outstanding heat retention in thick jackets, down, and fleece. Have you ever experienced that when you are walking around the city, you've sweated in your clothes when you wear it? That's because conventional jackets do not consider the heat emitted from the body. It is evidence that the shirt and shirt are wet after entering the store. Surprisingly, you can get tired of that discomfort. 。 Even if you walk around the city, you use the clothing made in consideration of dynamic insulation "warm, light, dry". I can't return from that "comfort" anymore. It is also important for staff to be able to easily wash at home. It may be easier to use for some people than to be careful. Please try. Color: CHACOAL • Navy (S / M size) 460g (size m)

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