SWANY SWANY TR-703 Multi Windproof Gloves Men's


Windproof and breathable lightweight multi-glove

Lightweight, windproof and breathable multi-glove made of GORETEX INFINIUM. Even though the fabric is thin, its excellent windproof property prevents loss of body heat even when going out to the ridge line and being blown by strong winds. It is also waterproof, so a little rain is no problem. (*Note: No seam treatment is applied.)

GORETEX INFINIUM is used on the instep side. Its excellent moisture permeability prevents moisture from evaporating during perspiration.
Recommended for high mountaineering in summer, climbing in late fall when it feels chilly, and approaching high mountains that are beyond the forest limit.
The palm side is made of man-made leather and features high durability, good grip, and a soft feel that blends well with the skin. Windproof and effective for use at high cliffs and ladders.
Touch screen compatible


US Size Corresponding Japan Size


How to choose your size
Glove size is determined by the length of the "hand circumference".
Since the hand length varies in balance with the hand circumference from person to person, please consider it as a reference value only.

The "hand circumference" is defined as the distance from the crease at the base of the wrist to 1/3 of the distance from the crease at the base of the wrist when connecting the "beginning of the left hand life line" and the "crease at the base of the little finger and the crease at the base of the wrist". " and the length of a circle around the hand.

US. Size JapanSize Hand Circumference(cm) Hand length reference(cm)
MEN'S US:XS S 21.5~23 17.5-18.5
US:S M 23~24 18.5-19.5
US:M L 25~26 19.5-20.5
US:L XL 27~28 20.5-21.5
WOMENS US:XS S 17~18.5 15.5-16.5
US:S M 18.5~20 16.5-17.5
US:M L 20~21.5 17.5-18.5

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