Super Medalist 9000 (for 500ml, 11g x 8 bags)


The "medalist" that exceeds the pioneering "medalist" of citric acid supplements is still "medalist".

Contains 3,000 mg of citric acid, 4,000 mg of BCAA, 1,000 mg of ornithine cycle -based amino acids, 500 mg of glutamin, and 500 mg of the hottest new material "HMB".
High containing 9,000 mg in total. And 100mg plus "caffeine" which is nice for endurance sports
In addition, promoting the best performance by doubling the "citric acid cycle" and "ornitine cycle".

Only "Super Medalists" can get such nutrients at once
All sports enthusiasts, those who seek better performance, the definitive version of supplements dedicated to top athletes

The medalist, a citric acid supplement, is commercialized based on the Nobel Prize, Cycle Cycle, proposed by Dr. Hans -Crebus.
In fact, Dr. Crebus has found another cycle. The name is "Ornitine Cycle". This "Ornitine cycle" is closely related to the "citric acid cycle", and both cycles are lubricated, making it easier for the body to create energy. "Super Medalist" is commercialized with a focus on the relationship between these two cycles.

"HMB" is a metabolic product of leucine and is an ingredient that has been used for the traditional "drug category" to "food category". Athletes aiming to create a body are essential ingredients, and are a material that has recently attracted attention. A general term for three essential amino acids, BCAA, Barin, Leucine, and Isoleucine. Amino acids used as kinetic energy. It is recommended to take it especially during exercise because it is not synthesized in the body.

・ Sprinkle 1 bag (11g) with 500ml of water and drink it. Tap water can be used, but using water through mineral water and water purifiers will be even more delicious.

[Raw material]
HMB calcium, dextrin, ornitine hydrochloride, citrulline / citric acid, leucine, berin, osoleysin, citrate Na, na, arginine, glutamine, potassium chloride, calcium lactate, vitamin C, fragrance, caffeine, mg of sulfate (Scrolile) , Niacin, Vitamin B2, Iron Citric acid NA, Vitamin E, Pantothenate CA, Gurgam, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12

* If you are worried about food allergies after checking the raw materials, please refrain from using it.
* Depending on your constitution and physical condition, it may not fit your body. If you feel abnormal, discontinue use.
* Please be careful not to take too much intake as a guide.
* If you are taking the medicine or is out of the hospital, please consult your doctor and enjoy it.
* For daily diet, a balance based on staple food, main dish, side dishes.

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