STRYD POWER METER (Stride Running Power Meter)


By measuring the power applied to the stride, the world's first "efficiency" is measured and more efficient training is possible.

[New]Wind sensor The newly designed windport catches the air resistance every second and measures accurate output (Watt).

[update]Sending and receiving antenna The improved antenna has stabilized the connection to smartphones and GPS watches.

[update]High performance 3D acceleration sensor The accuracy of the 3D acceleration sensor mounted on a small carbon foot pod has been improved. Running power (Watt) can be measured more accurately than ever.

Power Training for Running By measuring the power applied to a step by step from various angles, it is possible to measure the "efficiency" of running for the first time in the world and control the optimal running strength settings according to the environment. Compared to training management based on the conventional heart rate, not only the number that changes due to changes in the environment and muscle fatigue, but also stable "output" can be managed, making it possible to train more efficiently. It will be. Running Economy (efficiency) By recording and analyzing the changes in power, you can measure running "efficiency", that is, "running economy". In the world of elite endurance sports, managing running economy is said to be the most accurate way to guess the performance of running.

(This product is not supported in Japanese. It is necessary to use it in English.) Product information Weight: 8 grams Connection Method: Can connect to various devices with ant+ & bletooth. Battery running mode: Operated for more than 20 hours. When not in use: 1 month waterproof: Supports waterproof IP67 (IEC standard). It has high dust resistance and immersion performance that can withstand harsh running scenes.


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