Stretch cup

Stretch cup (set of 3 SML)


Self -care goods that can peel off the fascia just by attaching it to the place you want to stretch while stretching

By using it during stretching, the fascia's adhesion can be peeled off, and the range of motion can be improved and blood circulation is promoted.

Ricon material can also support parts that cannot be supported by glass or plastic.

Baseball players, Tokyo Olympics participating in Judo players, etc.
It is a notable product for self -care, such as using it by top athletes.

Three types of sizes that can change the size for each part
・ Box (1)
・ Bag (1)
・ S (1)
・ M (1)
・ L (1)

S Height 3.2cm diameter 4.5cm
M height 4.0cm diameter 5.8cm
L Height 5.0cm diameter 7.5cm

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