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New yak wool appeared in the natural fiber lineup

Yaku wool is a very high -performance natural fiber, which is collected by combing yak hair growth in highlands at an altitude of 4000m or more.

Soft and soft touch without tingling. It is a natural product that uses yak wool as it is without controlling or dyeing.

・ Use yak hair living in highlands of 4000m or more

・ Approximately 30%higher than wool
・ Ventilation is about 30%higher than cashmere and hard to get stuffy
・ Ideal for use in mountain huts for boosting sleeping bags
・ It can be used alone in low mountains and camping in summer
・ Mummy type, the neck can be squeezed with a draw code

Fabric: 100% wool (yak)
Draw code tube: Recycling nylon
Weight: 325 g (including staff back)
Size: Entrance Approximately 65 cm x Length about 180 cm x foot width approx. 37 cm
Fiber/Fabric Country of origin: China
Country of manufacture: China


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