Static Static All Elevation Grid Crew


ALL ELEVATION means "all elevation"
The only one who uses 100 % of the wool is the only one who uses a gridlock.

 In STATIC, we propose natural materials to the layers that touch the skin, without the use of oil-derived fibers. The melinoule is warm in the winter, and the summer releases the heat. Outdoor usage is not only for temperature, but also for high-performance fibers such as the moisture, odoriness, and texture.

The new GRID series is a grid structure with a thick wool itself, creating a place where the temperature and humidity area and heat are extracted, and the functions required for the mountain rows are compatible.

By realizing a calamity in action, we have overcome the weakness of the 100 % wool, and realize the thermability of more than 100 % of synthetic fibers.

The grid-like fabric is a very rare structure that was achieved by the high technology of the Italian REDA.The dough weight is 270g/m2, and it is recommended as a basement layer in the winter and a single garment during the autumn and spring/spring/summer. The water quality of wool is kept high, and it is still effective in mountain rows where it can be lightly soaked, such as snow mountains and the beginning of the season.

* Initial laundry has a vertical shrunk, so it is a long and long finish.

Material: 270 g/m2 Merino-l-100 %
Weight: 290 g (S size)


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