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In search of 100 % true wool

I thought that wool, which is a natural material, is an excellent option for outdoor wear, and visited Oshu, Aichi, a wool fabric production area to expand the potential of wool products on Static.

So I came across a gentle and soft wool product like never before. When you wear it immediately, it is the finest. To be honest, there was too much difference from the previous wool products, so I doubted that it was really wool. This was actually a wool fabric that was not shrinking. In addition, it was not dyed, and I was impressed that the original wool fiber touched the skin was so kind.

However, the fact that it is not shrinking means that it shrinks with each laundry, so it is difficult to wear it as a daily wear, and the fabric shop that tailoring fluttering and non -dyed fabric has already been closed. I say that ...


What is shrinkage?

Supported protection that is indispensable for woolware.
I felt uncomfortable, knowing that chlorine -resin processing, which is popular in general, is excellent in cost, but also discharges organic chlorine compounds, which are said to have a negative effect on the environment in the shrinking process, to cover the fiber with resin. 。

In chlorine resin processing, the wool fiber surface with water repellency and humidity control function remove scales on the surface. In other words, shrinking can reduce wool fiber functionality. In addition, isn't it possible to reduce wool functionality by covering fibers with resin such as nylon? Questions about biodegradability also raise their heads. I also heard that the fabric becomes stiff for each use due to the influence of the resin.

Is there no shrinkage to leave scales? Is there a shrinkage that does not use resin?

Environmentally friendly shrinkage processing

In non -chlorine -resin -controlled processing, it does not remove scales, modifies hydrophobic scales into hydrophilic, adhered to hybrid collagen to prevent scales from being involved. Also, I do not use resin.

In terms of biodegradability, there is a sense of security compared to chlorine resin processing, and the fabric that touches the skin is not a resin but a wool fiber. In addition, by leaving the scales that control the adjustment of wool, wool products that utilize the original function of wool fiber were realized. It can be said that it is an eco -controlled anti -shrinking that makes use of wool fiber as it is.
"I don't use chlorine, so it's safe for my employees' health," he said.

Product size

S size 70-78 cm / m size 74-82 cm / l size 78-86 cm / xl size 84-92 cm

-It is flat -placed. (Unit: cm)
-The size notation is a guide, and some errors may occur between the product delivered at hand and the notation size.

Material: 177 g/㎡ Merino wool 100%(17.5 micron)
Sewing yarn: polyester
Weight: 81 g (M size)
Fit: Next to Skin
Hara: Australian non -mules Jing Merino Wool
Fabric Manufacturing/Dyeing: Oshu, Aichi Prefecture
Sewing: Japan


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