STATIC Static Yak pullover

Yak is a primitive beef animal that originated in Tibet, unlike a sheep that has repeatedly improved the breed since the Industrial Revolution. Throughout the year, it lives in the Takayama grasslands at an altitude of 3,000m to 6,000m, including Tibet and Nepal, and is active in the lower edge of the snow line in winter.
Yak is said to be a kind of cold -resistant species. The hair grows when the winter approaches to spend a long winter, and it comes out in the spring. This is a high -quality raw material that the nomads pick up and wash them.
Recently, it has been carefully combed with a comb with human hands, just like cashmere. This method is ethically good because it does not cut the hair of the whole body, unlike the sheep, and does not need mules ( *).
How to maintain wool quality. Yak's hair can be collected every year, but it is only about 100g to 300g from one adult yak. Wool is about 4 kg, so it can be said that it is very rare. The Tibetan yak hair used by Static is collected from one to 100g. We do not forcibly take a lot, and limit the collection so that yaks are not stressed.

Product feature

-The yak hair living in highlands of 4000m or more
-The yak hair is very thin, the diameter is less than 20 microns and the length is about 3.5 to 4.5 cm. Compared to wool, there is no scale on the surface of the hair that causes shrinkage, and it is not basically controlled.
-Approximately 30%higher than wool, almost the same as cashmere
-Hobbly is about 30%higher than cashmere and hard to get stuffy
――A very soft and gentle touch / comfort
-It is hard to wrinkle with high elasticity


-The yak's hair before dropping to the ground is combined with a comb.
-Since the chlorine resin is not commonly performed on wool, there is no load on the environment without excreting chlorine organic compounds.
-It can be said to be highly biodegradable because it does not perform general shrinkage resin coating.
-MOCHA and NATURAL (YAK LINER) do not dye by taking advantage of the color of the yak hair. Therefore, the merits of CO2 emissions during dyeing, no chemical dye, and no water are not used. However, Static also offers a dyed color variation to enjoy the color.
-Non Mules Jing: Because it uses hair that comes out naturally, there is no need to do mules like a sheep, and it is gentle on animals.
-Labels also use highly eco -friendly ones
-Laundry tags: 100 % cotton loan
-Brand tag: Recycle polyester 50 % or more

Care method

-Please refrain from using the softener
-Relet in the shade is recommended
-There is a fiber characteristics, hair may adhere to other clothing due to wear during use.
-A pills is generated by wearing or cleaning. If a pill is generated, do not pull the unpleasant land so that it does not cut it, but carefully remove one by one.
-When decorative items (watches, buttons, zipper), please be careful not to get caught on the knitted fabric of the product.
-If the thread is caught and pops out, make sure to put the thread inside the product with a thin bar, etc. without cutting (it is recommended to use a fraying repair needle).
-There is no problem with general wearing, but if you combine it with a solid and solid hair foot like a blanket, it can be tangled and pulled together, causing yak fibers to come off.
-If pills arise due to friction with the back or belt, etc., cut it with scissors so that you can not reach the fabric.
-When the thread is empty, if you use it as it is, the hole will spread, so please contact us.

-Fabric: 100% wool (yak)
-Besion: 258 g (S size)
-Fiber/Fabric Country of origin: China
-Maker: China


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