STATIC Static Marcedo River LS Shirt


You can climb the hiking and climb it, and then you can use it as usual.
a lightweight 110g windshirt

The Merced River is a river that runs through the Yosemite Valley, walking around it, watching waterfalls, looking at the pictures of Anceladus, and images of shirts that can be used to enjoy lonelylife.

The recycling 100 % nylon dough has high stretchness in weaving without the use of polyurethane, which is heavier with water.Also, because the concave and convex stiffness is so strong that it is hard to sweat, and the piztari is better at the high mountains of summer.

It's a lightweight 110 g and a lightweight compact, so you can take it in place of the Windows shell.

Importance of Recycling Material Adoption

The biggest amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the "life of clothes" from procurement of raw materials to post-retirement waste is the procurement process of raw materials.Approximately 50 % of the total.In other words, reducing the amount of CO2 in the procurement of raw materials greatly reduces the environmental burden of the "life of clothing".In the case of a preconsumer cycling nylon (*), 75 percent think that it is an important behavior to pick and pick out the materials as much as possible, as there are examples of reducing CO2 emissions.

* PricConsumer Lysikurnylon:
It is a recycled "nylon cotton trash produced when making nylon," which has been incinerated in the past, to recycle the nylon thread and dough.

Product size


-It is in the levat of the square.(cm)
-The size notation is noticeable, and some errors may occur between the product and the representation size that you deliver to your hand.

Material: 100 % recycled nylon
Fit: Gülüller
Weight: 110 g (M size)
Country of manufacture: Japan


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