STATIC Static Four LT Pants Men's


The bottom that can be done multi -city from the mountains to the city

A fine stretch fabric woven using recycled nylon and recycled polyurethane provides a smooth and smooth comfort even in sports with a lot of sweat.

It is comfortable and comfortable to leave only the minimum necessary functions and make it simpler. I put a bird logo from the static logo with one point embroidery. With a design with little habit, connect from the mountains to the city without discomfort.

Importance of recycling materials

Among the "lifetime of clothes" from clothing silk production to disposal after worn, the most common CO2 emissions are the process of manufacturing raw materials. About 50 %. In other words, reducing CO2 emissions in raw material manufacturing greatly reduces environmental impact by one clothing. In the case of a pre -concumaric cycle nylon ( *), we believe that it is important to use recycled materials as much as possible and choose such clothes, as there are 75 % of CO2 emissions.

* Plecon shimarri cycle nylon:
A recycled "nylon cotton garbage discharged when producing nylon thread", which has been incinerated and disposed of, is played into nylon thread and fabric.

-West belt specifications

-The waist is a gimmick that stretches on the belt with a relaxed specification

-The zippered hand pocket on the front and one zipper on the back

-Ideal for sports with a smooth comfort, summer and sweating.

Material: 96%recycled nylon, 4%recycled polyurethane
Fit: Relax
Weight: 200 g (M size)
Country of manufacture: Japan


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