STATIC Adrift Crew Unisex


Octa®CPCP® used as fleece

The outdoor wear and active insulation categories have expanded rapidly in recent years.
Overseas brands mainly took the lead in product development. One such active insulation filling material is TEIJIN Octa®CPCP®, a material that is lightweight and has high heat retention ability.

For STATIC, we chose to use a single piece of Octa®CPCP®, which is normally a nylon lining material. We believe that the products of brands developed in high-altitude, dry climates are heavy because they are packed with Octa®CPCP® shell material, making them difficult to layer in Japan, where people often carry them around as thermal clothing.

Due to its special mesh structure, it is much lighter than fleece, which is generally said to be thin at around 300g, and has a very high heat retention to weight ratio, making it highly portable, making it suitable for all seasons.

Thanks to the mesh structure, it has high breathability and almost no heat traps. In other words, it won't get stuffy even if you keep it on while you're out on the mountain, reducing the number of times you'll have to put it on and take it off, making your hike smoother. Also, when you are out on a ridgeline in strong winds or while taking a break, you can instantly secure warmth by layering a wind shell or rainwear over the top. By layering, it is also recommended for mountain climbing where you repeat stop and go.

Adrift Crew is a simple fleece that does not have "nice to have" features such as a hood or center zipper. It has been made lighter by leaving only the minimum necessary functions. The crew neck is easy to layer and goes well with both mountain and city wear.

Although it is an active fleece that can be used for a wide range of purposes including mountain climbing, summer mountain traversal, hiking, and bouldering, the simple style makes it a model that is easy to use on a daily basis.

What is Octa®CPCP®?

Octa®CPCP® is a mesh fleece material that integrates irregular cross-section hollow polyester brushed fibers that act as a heat insulator into the outer mesh material.
Polyester fabric is characterized by its lightness, warmth, and good heat dissipation. Usually used as a lining, STATIC uses it as a stand-alone fleece.

Material characteristics

- Lightweight: About half the weight of polyester fibers of the same diameter.
- Sweat-absorbing and quick-drying: Achieves a lightweight feel that is about half that of polyester fibers of the same diameter.
- Heat shielding: Dead air contained in the hollow space and 8 protrusions provides heat shielding effect.

[2023 update information]
- Adjusted the overall size.
-Specifically, we have increased the body width by approximately 2cm, length by approximately 1cm, and sleeve length by approximately 4cm for a more relaxed fit.
- The cuffs have been changed to a simpler specification.

- Measured when placed flat. (Unit:cm)
- The sizes listed are for reference only, and there may be slight differences between the size of the product you receive and the size listed.

Fabric: Octa®CPCP® (100% polyester)
Fit: Relaxed
Weight: 110 g (M size)



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