STATIC Apostle LT Hoody Men's


Evolved classic

A wind shell made with pre-consumer recycling of nylon fabric(*). just like the first model that launched the brand.

The first APOSTLE was a made a  foreign-manufactured thread, but the latest Apostle is made with domestic yarn and fabric. It has a stretch and evolves with a more active sense of movement.  In addition, the polyurethane that provides the fabric's stretch is also a recycled material.

In addition, the inside of the fabric that touches the skin is dotted, reducing the stickiness of the fabric when sweating.

* Pre-consumer recycled nylon:
A recycled "nylon cotton discharged when producing nylon thread", which has been incinerated and disposed of, is played into nylon thread and fabric.

* Cupro material:
Cupro is a natural material derived from the regenerated fuzz attached to cotton seeds, which was traditionally discarded. It is said to have a good texture, excellent moisture regulation, and is less likely to generate static electricity.


83% recycled  nylon, 7% recycled polyurethane, 10%

150 g (M size)

Product size

Product size


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