Static Static All Elevation Long Sleeve Men


All elevation that means "all altitude"
In other words, a universal base layer that can be worn in any scene

 Static proposes natural materials for layers that touch the skin without using as much as possible oil. Merino wool is warm in winter and heats heat in summer. For outdoor use, it is not only heat retention, but also high -performance fibers such as humidity control, deodorant, and good touch.

I was looking for a fabric that could be used comfortably even in spring and summer with a lot of sweat. The answer that arrived was a Merino wool and recycled polyester thread ALL ELEVATION blended fabric.

With a border mesh structure with unevenness, high breathability and recycled polyester thread increase quickly drying.If you put on a windshell, it will increase the heat retention, so it is an item that can be used as an inner or a single unit.

All ElevationIs an update for the material from the fall / winter model of 2010.
The combination of wool and recycled polyester has improved the eco -friendly we have been seeking before.All ElevationThe durability of the fabric has been improved as it is, which is the feature of the unevenness. On the other hand, the difference in unevenness has decreased, making it easier to wear.

Material: Merino wool 52 %, recycled polyester 48 %
Fit: Relax
weight:175 g (M size)
Wool native country: Australia/New Zealand
Country of origin of fabric: Thailand
Product Manufacturing: Japan


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