Static Static All Elevation Grid Crew


All Elevation, which means "all altitude"
One and only grid wool that actively use 100 % wool

 Static proposes natural materials for layers that touch the skin without using as much as possible oil. Merino wool is warm in winter and heats heat in summer. For outdoor use, it is not only heat retention, but also high -performance fibers such as humidity control, deodorant, and good touch.

The new GRID series makes the thick wool itself an uneven grid structure, creating a place for heat retention and moisture -moisture and a place where heat is removed, and combines the functions of seeking mountain rows.

Even during the action, it realizes the weaknesses of 100 % wool by realizing heat, achieving heat retention more than synchrotium.

The grid -like fabric is a very rare structure that could be realized by the high technology of Italian REDA. The fabric weight is 270g/m2, which is also recommended as a winter base layer and a single piece of autumn and spring hot weather. Wool repellency is also highly maintained, and it can fully demonstrate the ability to get wet, such as snowy mountains and swamps at the beginning of the season.

* Since the initial washing has a vertical shrinking, it is made to a longer finish.

Material: 270 g/M2 Merino wool 100 %
Weight: 290 g (S size)


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