STATIC STATIC Adlift Plus Pullover Men's


Active fleece ADRIFT series using TEIJIN OCTA®
ADRIFT PLUS, which combines the weaknesses and high breathability, has appeared

Use the lining heat retention material OCTA® CPCP® on a single place

In recent years, the rapidly expanded outdoor wear and active insulation category.
Overseas brands mainly developed products ahead. As one of the batting materials of such active insulationTEIJIN OCTA® CPCP® was a material with its light weight and high heat retention.
In Static, I chose to use OCTA® CPCP®, a normal nylon material, on one piece. We thought that brand products that are developing with high altitude and dry climate are heavy in Japan, which are heavy because they pack OCTA® CPCP® in nylon, and are often warm in Japan.

Beehic brushed grid structure

Improved the low durability of the mesh surface, which was also the weak point of OCTA CPCP used in the conventional adrift. Since the mesh is no longer a mesh, the brushed back surface is ensured by ensuring a high breathability by making the back of the brushed back a beehive grid structure.

Material: OCTA® CPCP® (100 % polyester)
weight:275 g (M size)


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