Static Adrift Liner


New lineup for STATIC's iconic "Adrift" series

A lightweight, thermal liner made entirely of Octa® fabric. With its mummy-shaped shape, it can be used for various purposes such as mountain climbing, summer mountain traversing, hiking, and sleeping in the car. Since the sizing is not cut down too much, you can comfortably fit in and rest your body.

From 2022SS update product, Changed from an envelope shape to a mummy shape with shaped legs. The shape improves the fit, increases heat retention efficiency, and reduces weight.

・The lining is brushed, so it has excellent heat retention.
・Recommended style is to use it with sleeping bag cover or emergency bivy.
(Based on testers' opinions, the lower limit is about 7 degrees. There are individual differences.)
・Since the main body is made of synthetic fiber, it is resistant to condensation and is safe.
・For boosting sleeping bags
・Can also be used alone in summer low mountains, camping, etc.
・Easy to wash and care
・Mummy shape, the neck can be tightened with a drawcord

Fabric: Octa®CPCP® (100% polyester)
Weight: 230 g (without stuff bag)

Size: Length approx. 180cm
Fiber/fabric country of origin: Japan
Dyeing: Japan
Country of manufacture: Japan


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