Static Static Ad Lift Liner


New lineup appeared in Static's "Adrift" series

Lightweight and heat retention liner with OCTA® fabric on the entire surface. It has a mommy shape, and can be used in various ways, from climbing, natsuyama vertical run, hiking, and staying in the car. Because it is not so sharpened, you can relax and rest your body.

2022SS Update productChanged from an envelope to a mommy type with the feet shaped. Shaping improves fit, high heat retention efficiency, and reduces weight.

・ Because the lining is brushed, the heat retention power is outstanding
・ Recommended styles used in conjunction with the shuffle cover and the Emgen Sea Baby
(When consolidating the tester's opinions, the lower limit is up to about 7 degrees. There are individual differences)
・ Because the body is synthetic, it is resistant to condensation and safe.
・ For the boost of sleeping bags
・ It can be used alone in low mountains and camping in summer
・ Washing is also easy to care for
・ Mummy type, the neck can be squeezed with a draw code

Fabric: OCTA® CPCP® (100 % polyester)
Weight: 230 g (no staff back)
Size: Length about 180㎝

Fiber/Fabric Country of origin: Japan
Dyeing: Japan
Country of manufacture: Japan



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