STATIC Static Ad Lift Half Zip Hoody


Ultra -light mesh type fleece adrift series

Active fleece ADRIFT series using TEIJIN OCTA® CPCP®, which combines ultra -lightweight and high heat retention
Lining material   Use OCTA® CPCP® on a single place

In recent years, the rapidly expanded outdoor wear and active insulation category.
Overseas brands mainly developed products ahead. As one of the batting materials of such active insulationTEIJIN OCTA® CPCP® was a material with its light weight and high heat retention.
In Static, I chose to use OCTA® CPCP®, a normal nylon material, on one piece. We thought that brand products that are developing with high altitude and dry climate are heavy in Japan, which are heavy because they pack OCTA® CPCP® in nylon, and are often warm in Japan.

OCTA® CPCP® used as a fleece

A mesh fleece in which the mesh material on the table is integrated with a brushed fiber that becomes a heat retention material.
Thanks to the mesh structure, it has high breathability and almost no heat. In other words, it is hard to get stuffy even if worn during action, and the number of attachments is reduced. Also
When you go out to the ridgeline, when the wind is strong or during a break, you can secure the heat retention at a stretch by layering wind shells and rainwear from above.

Zip Hoody designed as a behavioral dress

ADRFIT ZIP HOODY is designed as a more behavioral dress for simple specifications pursuing thorough lightness in the series.
It supports comfortable mountain activities with high -fit food, long half -zip until falling, and installation of thumb halls that can be adjusted at a low temperature.
This product is carried out in Japan from fabric to production.

-M size lightweight of only 140 g
-The lining is brushed, so the heat retention power is outstanding
-A lightweight and just right heat retention power that is easy to carry as a warm wear throughout the year
-Slimfit food
-Established left chest pockets
-The long half zip to the falling without interference with the harness
-In the installation of thumb hall, ensure heat retention

-OeKo-TEX® is used in a fabric produced at a Japanese factory that has been certified
-The thread itself is 100%non -re -cycle polyester, but the dyeing is not oil, but a biomass (plant -derived), and the fiber trash that comes out when the dough is made is recycled.
-The zipper uses a recycled YKK "Natulon"
-Labels also use highly eco -friendly ones
-Size tag: 100% recycled polyester derived from plastic bottle
-Laundry tags: 100 % cotton loan
-Brand tag: Recycle polyester 50 % or more

Care method
-Solk and bleach cannot be used
-Put it in a hand -washing or in a fashionable clothes or hand washing mode in a washing net.
-Dryer or dry cleaning is not allowed


-Main material: OCTA® CPCP® (100 % polyester)
-Pick pocket material: 96 % recycled nylon, recycled polyurethane 4 %
-Fit: Athletic
-Besion: 140 g (m size)
-Fiber/Fabric Country of origin: Japan
-Dyled: Japan
-Maker: Japan

-It is flat -placed measurement. (Unit: cm)
-The size notation is a guide, and some errors may occur between the product delivered to you and the notation size.


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