STATIC Static Ad Lift Crew Men's


A crew T -shirt that uses the ventilated batting material "OCTA" and combines surprising lightness, breathability, and comfort
Ultra lightweight mesh fleece that captures fleece with new ideas and finds fleece that is easy to use as a behavior.

Although it is an active fleece that can be used widely, such as climbing, Natsuyama vertical running, hiking, and boulder, it is a model that is easy to use on a regular basis.

The lining is brushed, so the heat retention is outstanding.
Thanks to the mesh structure, it can be heated up, so you can do all kinds of activities.
Even if you wear it during action, it is hard to get stuffy and is convenient because it reduces the number of detachments.
When a break or when the wind is strengthened, you can secure heat retention at a stretch by layering windschels.
This is a handy piece that is useful not only in spring, autumn, and winter, but also for serving in spare as a warmth insulation of Natsuyama.
It is thankful that it is lightweight and compact for a tent night or a mountain hut.
The strength of the fabric is heavy, but there is no problem with the vertical running of the backpack, but only the bush rowing is careful.

Before creating outdoor products, there are four major processes: the production of yarn, the production of fabrics, dyeing, and the production of products, but it is important to be aware of the environment.
For example, for example, the precautions of each process
・ Production of yarn → Use of chemicals, disposal, fiber trash, and large amounts of water
・ Fabric manufacturing → textile garbage
・ Dyeing → Use of fossil fuels, use and disposal of chemicals
・ Product manufacturing → dust garbage
In addition, labor issues such as ensuring the safety of personnel involved in each process are also important.
However, it takes a lot of effort and time for us manufacturers to visit the site and completely check each one.

Therefore, outsourcing manufacturing to factories that have obtained authentication such as OEKO TEX and Bluesign will lead to ensuring the environment of STATIC products.
The authentication system stipulates and provides various strict items, such as quality control, environmental initiatives, chemical substance control, and ensuring employee safety and hygiene.

ADRIFT CREW is a fleece using fabrics produced in a Japanese factory that has been certified by OEKO-TEX.
The thread itself is 100%non -re -cycle polyester, but dyeing is not oil but biomass (plant -derived).
The fiber garbage that comes out when the dough is made is recycled.
Labels are highly eco -friendly.

Size name: 100% recycled polyester derived from plastic bottle
Quality name: 100 % cotton loan
Brand weaving name: Recycle polyester 50 % or more

Fiber and fabric country of origin: Japan
Dyeing and manufacturing country: Japan
[Color] Black
[SIZE] XS ... Width 50cm / shoulder width 41cm / Length 68cm / Sleeve length (from shoulder) 60cm
S ... Width 52cm / shoulder width 43cm / Length 69cm / Sleeve length (from shoulder) 61cm
M ... Width 54cm / shoulder width 45cm / Length 71cm / Sleeve length (from shoulder) 62cm
L ... Width 56cm / shoulder width 47cm / Length 73cm / Sleeve length (from shoulder) 64cm
XL ... Width 58cm / shoulder width 49cm / Length 78cm / Sleeve length (from shoulder) 66cm

[FIT] Relax
(The size is a little larger. The width is spacious, but the sleeves are not long)
[Fabric] OCTA? 100 % polyester
[Weight] 100g (size: s)

StaticBloom is an environmentally friendly outdoor brand that proposes a "choice" for the earth.


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