Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Scrambling Short Mens (TB21 for men for men)

Teton Bros. Original Dry Action material achieves the best styrene, breathability, and water repellency. The buttocks use a dura fabric, which is excellent for its own development against friction. It is a special maid shorts that demonstrates power in the scrambling ring (climbing) field. The pockets divided into the back of the back have a wide center and the lightweight jacket can be stored. If you store gels, etc., the amount of the sixth image can be stored in one pocket, yet it is surprisingly hard to shake. In order to achieve smooth leg movements, change the shape of the crotch and the slit of the side forward. Reduce the stress when raising your feet as much as possible. The material has been changed to a nylon soft shell that is lighter and excellent in wear resistance, and the capacity of the mesh pocket on both sides of the hip has been improved. [About washing of water -repellent fabric] There is no problem using a normal clothing detergent, but use a softener can cause a decrease in function. If you use it by mistake, rinse with water or lukewarm water for about 10 minutes. Avoid using bleach because the water -repellent function deteriorates. [Check this video for details of the product] Fabric: Dry Action Soft Shell Weight: 170g (size m)

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