Silva Compass EXPEDITION S

Overwhelming support Base Plate Compass Large Silva Compass Do you have a compass when entering the mountain? At present, GPS is also widespread, but it is a different fun to look at the map by yourself when climbing and think about it. Map reading is also enjoyed as an outdoor competition called "Orienteering", which searches for points in the wilderness. When entering the mountains and enjoying activities, a compass that points to the correct direction from the map is a necessity. Even if you get out of the mountain trail by holding it together with the GPS, you can accurately measure your position and use the compass to check the direction of travel. There are still many places where radio waves do not enter in the mountains of Japan, so it is recommended to have them as a talisman. Citam with mirror. The top model of the base plate The mirror has a aim hole with a night light paint. There is also a slope (clinometer) and a deviation setting. Although it can be used as a normal map -on, you can easily match the direction of travel by looking at the targets captured using the aim hole and looking at the compass reflected in the mirror and matching the ring. It also comes with a magnifying mirror that enlarges the detailed map. With a scale of 1/25,000 and 1/50,000. The expedition S has a slant, and the compass is placed along the slope of the compass, and you can see the angle of the inclination by reading the number pointed by the red needle. It is an ideal compass to quickly and accurately examine your position and destination on the map using a transparent acrylic synthetic resin and durable base plate. The compass side of the base plate is curved and fits into your hand. When walking to your destination, holding a compass in front of your body, it fits into your hand. Size: 108 x 64 x 20mm Mass: 86g Temperature resistance: -20 ~ + 60 ° C ・ Deviation correspondence with scale ring holder Silva is a pioneer brand of the compass that celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2008. Compass reliability has also gained high support for climbers around the world, Orienteering participants and outdoor enthusiasts. "Compass" which is an essential gear in mountain races such as when entering the mountain for a long time or OMM (original mountain marathon) By all means, please take the world recognized quality.

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