Ronhill Magnetic LED Button (Ron Hill Magnetic LED button)


10 Rumen's LED light ensures visibility. You can wear it with a magnet type regardless of your clothes or items.

It consists of two parts, LED parts with magnet and backing plate. There are three light emission modes: lighting, slow, and quick flash. Suitable for products and fabrics with a thickness of 1mm or less.

10 lumen
Suitable for fabrics with a thickness of 1 mm or less.
Three irradiation mode.
Mode 1 -Slow (low power) flash.

Mode 3 -continuous lighting

Operation method Switch ON/OFF by holding and long press (2 seconds). Switch mode with short press (0.5 seconds)

Battery life: 1000 hours -mode 1 -Throw (low power) flash. 500 hours -mode 2 -Quick flash. 50 hours -Mode 3 -continuous lighting
Battery protection. Two hours later, the light is automatically switched to power save (mode 1), then operates for another 6 hours and automatically turns off.


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