RONHILL Ronhill Tech Revive Shorts Women's


These light shorts, like the wings made from recycled yarns, provide maximum free movements and are optional for racing.

Running is freedom and movement, and our way of thinking about this shorts began. When you want to increase the speed, shorts that get in the way are not desirable. The racer is made so that it is easy to move. Red definition of split shorts by the brand that invented the racer. Light and minimal Revive Racer shorts like wings have exactly what they need, and there is nothing unnecessary.

The simple drawstring waistband and breathability provide a comfortable comfort for any miles, and there is one lightweight zipper security pocket, enhancing practicality without bulky. The lightweight inner nicker with a sophisticated design from the tester feedback is made of fabric using environmentally friendly and highly moisture -absorbing recycling yarn. The reflective strip protects safety.


  • Made from recycled thread
  • Stretch that enhances the ease of movement and support
  • Safe pocket
  • For pocket
  • Breathability
  • lightweight
  • Ventilated
  • Reflexity
  • Relaxation fit
  • Please wash before use

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