Rocktape -h2o (rock tape water resistant professional)


Rocktape (rock tape) supports the highest level of exercise therapy tape, state -of -the -art education, and the development of fitness support products, with more athletes at all levels, longer and more performances.

Rocktape (rock tape) is the most in the United States the No. 1 Kinesiology tape of athletes [longer, stronger] support

Rocktape (rock tape) aims to lift the skin from muscles and fascia to create a reduced pressure effect.

□ Relieves muscle fatigue and promotes faster recovery
□ Durable proven in many IRONMAN races
□ 180 % stretch
□ 97 % cotton/3 % nylon

● Premium specification for water resistance ●
● Sweat proof & waterproof ●
□ Trail running
□ Triathlon
□ Swimming
□ Surfing
□ Cross fit, etc.

5cm x 5m


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