PROVISION4 / M (Provision 4 / Men's)


Provision4.0 (Provision 4.0)
Innovative shoes that support the step
Provision 4.0 has evolved in running support technology. It is a revolutionary function called Innovarch. The characteristic of Innovarch is that it uses a propriet lunch system, which is the ability to know where the feet and body parts are in the space, even if you do not use vision, and the runner's brain and legs are connected, and one step. It will support you one step to land. Therefore, it helps a smooth and comfortable step without limiting the natural movement of the feet.

Features of Provision 4

1. A system called Inobachi gives an individual fit that matches individuals.
2. High stability with a function called guide rail
3. High cushioning and stability, so it is hard to get tired even if you wear it for a long time.
4, Personal pyrititis is also friendly

Support shoes that realize innovative weight reduction
Stack height: 27mm
Weight: 298g (men's 28.5cm)

The manager of the store manager

Provision 4 is the most supported model among Altra's running shoes. Recommended for those who are tired of walking, running, and standing work. The cushioning is good.
The inhiba system introduced this time is a support system installed under the arch when cleaning the shoe string, preventing the arch from falling overly. Rather than simply lifting, the sensor, which is said to be a unique receptor on the soles of the foot, reacts, sends a signal so that the arch does not fall any more in the brain.


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