POINT 6 Point 6 Topo Ultra Light 3/4 Crew


37.5 Merino wool socks have the effect of quickly evaporating sweat even though they are synthetic fibers that do not have moisture conditioning properties, and by further promoting the moisture conditioning properties of merino wool, they keep your feet dry during activities.

This model focuses on cushioning in shoes, and focuses on eliminating stuffiness due to thinness to maintain a dry feeling, and emphasizes the feeling of the soles of the feet.

The terrain design is inspired by maps, and if you look closely you might even see local mountains and rivers.​

Material: 62% wool |
Nylon 35% | Elasticity 3%
Size: S (21~23.5cm) M (24~26.5cm) L (27~29.5cm)
Length: 3/4 crew socks (ends low on the calf)


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