PIRANHA RT120 BLACK FISH (Pirania Tent Peg Black Fish 120mm)

Enhanced plastic but lightweight, eco -friendly tent peg The characteristic of Swiss Pilania is red jagged tip like a pilanha tooth. This makes it difficult to come out, and is fixed to the ground in an X -shaped. You can stabilize the pegs with the serration at the tip. Furthermore, driving vertically on the ground achieves a outstanding holding power. Since the head is flat, it is easy to hit the ground parallel. It is easy to hit even if you step on your feet. Although it is compact, it has a holding power and is very functional without any hassle. There are four grooves on the head, just wrap the guyline around. Adjust and fixation of length are completed. Piranha plastic pegs may bend slightly when the ground is too hard. In such a case, the shape can be easily returned by heating about 5 minutes in an oven heated to 160 degrees. We also sell Peg Plars, so we recommend that you purchase them at the same time. RT120 Black Fish Weight: 6g Length: 120mm Head diameter: 19mm Compatible temperature range: -30 degrees to 110 degrees High -performance plastic pegs can be produced with 1/13 emission energy in the production process compared to aluminum or titanium pegs. In addition, if the RT peg, which has finished its role, is washed and sent to the manufacturer, it will be uploaded in Switzerland and will be reborn as a BF peg series. It is a 100 % recycling peg.

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