Petzl Sirocco


Ultra -lightweight climbing and mountain ring helmets with enhanced protection performance

Sirocco was designed to meet the needs of climbers and climbers seeking both lightweight and protective performance. The protection of the head is enhanced by the shape that covers the back of the head widely. The optimal fit and excellent breathability provide high comfort.

Product details

Hybrid structure: EPP form (shell), crown (polycarbonate), liner (EPS form)
A shape that covers the head designed to protect the side and rear
● High comfort
・ Excellent breathability due to large ventilation holes
・ The size of both the headband and chin strap can be adjusted
・ Uses a magnet buckle (patented) for the chin strap
・ Clip for mounting head lamps (two places in front) and holder (rear part)

A single note of the store manager ....
A helmet that is absolutely necessary as a security equipment, such as climbing and vertical runs on the rocks of the Alps.
It is well known among runners because many players are wearing TJAR (Trans Japan Alps Race). In 2020, there were many hermit coverage of the Fuji mountain climbing competition, and many rocky accidents occurred in the rock ridge zones such as the Alps.

This is definitely a choice for mountain runners who prefer tools with high specifications. As you can see from the following videos, Sirocco realizes overwhelming lightness in comparison with other models while maintaining the highest level of security standards. If you have a plan to enter the Alps but are not ready yet, prepare as soon as possible. Regarding the protection standards of helmets, Petsur regularly improves and improves products in order to provide users with higher safety in addition to product functionality and comfort. In the climbing and mountain ring helmets, in addition to the protection performance specified by the en / UIAA standard, the purpose is to protect the head as much as possible due to various dangers encountered by actual climbing and climbing. We have been focusing on providing high protection performance.


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