Lightweight headlamp 500 lumens that can be recharged with multi -beams and Airfit headbands

The re -charging headlamp "IKO Core" irradiates the brightness of 500 lumen with a lightness of 79 g by multi -beam technology. The Airfit headband is used, and the ultra -thin lamp body and the battery pack placed on the back of the head are excellent in balance and is comfortable to forget to wear. Multiple LEDs that are optimally arranged can irradiate uniform and uneven light, maintaining a comfortable visibility. With the hybrid concept, "IKO CORE" supports both the attached rechargeable battery "core" and three alkaline batteries sold separately. It is highly versatile and can be used as a lantern with the attached pouch. Because it can be folded by folding, it is highly practical with all activities.

Product details


  • Comfortable and ergonomic design by Airfit headband (patented):
    • Innovative streamlined design, semi -rigid headband, ultra -thin lamp body. The battery pack placed on the back of the head disperses the whole head, so it is excellent in balance and is comfortable to forget to wear.
    • Water -repellent headbands are resistant to sweat and rain. A thin headband with a minimal contact surface with the head keeps the ventilation even during moving activities.
    • It can be adjusted quickly and easily in the rear
  • Comfortable view:
    • Lightweight and high irradiation: 500 lumens for 79 g
    • Irradiation of uneven light by multiple LEDs
    • Two beam patterns (wide, mix) and multiple irradiation levels that meet the needs of different users
    • You can quickly and easily select 3 irradiation levels with one button
  • Re -charging:
    • Battery "Core" that can be charged via USB port
    • Hybrid concept: "IKO CORE" supports both the attached rechargeable battery "core" and three optional batteries. By sensing the power supply, you can adjust the irradiation performance according to the power supply (Use IKO Core "in the Richard Jubber Battery" Core ": 500 Lumen, use" IKO Core "for batteries: 350 lumens).
  • Versatility and ease of use:
    • Attached in various ways depending on the use: attached to the head, lower it to the neck, put it on a table, tent in tent pole or tree, etc.
    • It can be used as a lantern with the attached pouch
    • Increase the visibility of nighttime by the rear reflective material
    • When lighting or off the lamp, you can check the remaining battery level by indicator.
    • Equipped with two lock functions to prevent it from turning on accidentally.
    • It can be stored compactly by folding
    • Compatible with all petsle helmets

Specs irradiation: 500 lumen (ANSI-FL1 standard) Weight: 79 g beam pattern: Wide, Mix Power Source: 1250 MAh Richard Jubber Battery "Core" (attached) Charging time: 3 hours compatible batteries: Alkali, lithium, nickel hydrogen-resistant performance : IPX4 (all weather type) A single note of the store manager ....

When this IKO Core is released, what is this light?
I had such a question, but I bought it for the latest headlamps of PETZL that the world is proud of. When I actually used it, I felt that the feeling of wearing, the balance of writing, and the hardness of the eye fatigue were very outstanding. I have purchased a variety of headlamps so far and tried it, but in all brands, PETZL is a headband while only sending out places like "〇〇 Lumen 〇〇 hours". It is a brand that has a strong commitment and gets a patent alone. In the half -century of technological innovation, the newly launched IKO Core is designed so that it can be used in various activities without specializing in specific activities. At the time of the release in October 2020, the store manager used it with a crushed product, but the concept of the customer base and shop was specialized in running and trail running, so it was a little difficult to purchase. There are many lightweight, high -weight models that are inexpensive and inexpensive for trail running, and not headlamps that can surpass overnight. Is it too high specs to run around the city? I didn't buy it because of that feeling, but I couldn't help but convey the innovation of this headlamp, but it was a little late, but this time it arrived.

High -output LED headlamps are often used by mixing lenses with different spots and wide (such as Petzl's swift and active core). So, it eliminates the unevenness of light from low output to high output, and it is hard to feel the eyestrain even when used for a long time. It is also versatile and can be used as a lantern by storing it in the attached pouch. And since it can be attached to all PETZL helmets, the application is not limited to running but also climbing and caving. It is important to see the design, but it is important, but it is important, but it is important, but the quality of light and brightness, the lightness of the head, the lack of fit, the easy adjustment of the fit, the hydrophobic band, the simple operability, etc. Is all covered.

What about "Lumen and Battery" in the notation? Is it really correct? With a lot of products overflowing in the world, PETZL's "red -defined headlamp" does not seem like a gentleman and beautiful headlamp. Rewrite the "common sense" that is happening around the person and "redefine". It was a story about PETZL in the world that I would like to emulate, not just headlamps.
* One word has become longer lol


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