Patagonia Patagonia Men's Wind Shield Pants


It is a lightweight soft shell pants that exerts extra heat and moisture outside a strategically located perspective, while providing protection for bad weather in cold weather conditions in cold weather.

-A stretch of elastic soft shell material that has a fast-drying carapine-cool with a pasted cool.
The soft shell material, which is highly elastic and highly elastic, provides protection against wind and rain.Cuprien Cool Lightweight Materials, pasted back to the back, are fast drying and soft, comfortable texture.

-A waist panel with a humidity panel in a waistband, side panel, and calf area
The same material that is applied to the westband and on the side and the hats is the same material that promotes permeability.High-queue puor-deodorized

-A soft, elastic band with a draw code on the outside.
A soft stretchable waistband can modulate the fit with the outer Draw code.

-There are two side pockets that don't fly.
Two side pockets with no jump in the contents are convenient for cell phones, behavioral food, maps, and so on.

-A hem with a stretch-weave and a zipper.
It's a stretch-weave and a zipper with a zipper, and you can wear shoes or Nordic boots, but it's easy to take your clothes off.

-Reflex logo and tape.
on the front side of the thigh with a reflex logo and a reflex tape on the side of the two

Weight:264 g
Materials:Body: interlocked with a 100 % (recycled polyester) polyester (50 % recycled polyester) with a 100 % polyester (50 % recycled polyester) pasted together with the Caprien Cool Lightweight Polyester (50 % recycled polyester).DWR (durable plucked water) machined.Panel: A 6.8-ounce recycled nylon 68 %/polyester of 68 % - polyester (15 %) and 17 % polyester (17 % of polyester) which is stretch in four directions and made a microtri.All of them have a micro-biosoftware that increases moisture and flexibility, and they have a high-cue or pure deodorizing.

West 33 36 39 43 47
Momojo 22 22 23 25 27
The crotch 77 77 80 83 83
Finish Dimension (Hirago/cm)
*This may be slightly different from the dimensions of the real product.

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