Patagonia Patagonia Men's Capreen Thermal Hoody


Hoody has breathability and provides heat retention in cold conditions. A style of layering on your favorite technical T -shirt. Using Polatec Power Grid material, it has been highly deodorized and deodorized.

-A material with heat retention and breathability
Polatech power grid material with a smooth surface that is easy to layer. Haikyu pure deodorant processed. Open grid structures provide moisture -absorbing and breathability and heat retention

-With tape -treated collar and loop
A regular fit hoody with a comfortable collar with a tape -treated inside and a loop that hangs and dries

-The shoulder seam shifted
Since the seams on the shoulders are removed, the skin does not rub under the backpack strap.

-Erapable design
Under the side with a town, it corresponds to a wide range of movements, and the skin is comfortable without rubbing.

-Front pocket
With front pocket that is easy to access

weight:244 g
material:Plain: 3.8 ounce (129 grams), Polatec Power Grid (recycled polyester 92 % / polyurethane 8 %) jersey, cross dyeing: 3.8 ounce (129 grams), Polatec power grid (92 % polyester (92 %) Recycling polyester 30 %) / 8 % polyurethane) jersey. Haikyu pure deodorant processing

Width 49 51 55 60 64 68 76
Positive length 64 66 69 71 74 76 79
Sleeve length 85 88 90 93 95 98 99
Finish dimension (flat/cm)
* It may be slightly different from the dimensions of the actual product.

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