Patagonia Patagonia Men's Long Sleeve Dart Craft Jersey


The dirt craft jersey, which provides moderate heat retention in the cold morning, and keeps the temperature as it begins to rise, uses a double -woven material with a lightweight and moisture -absorbing and abritivity. Grip the forearm tightly when the warp knit cuff pulls the sleeves.

-A material with quick -drying and breathability
A double knit made of 100 % lightweight polyester (recycled polyester 68 %) material with quick -drying and high breathability. Haikyu pure deodorant processed

-Mountain bike specifications
Bike riding tailored. The back is slightly longer, along the position when riding a bicycle. Long sleeves cover the arms firmly.

-Cuffs that can withstand heavy labor
While the incredible warp knit cuffs promote moisture -absorbing, protect their arms from the sunshine and branches, and the cuffs grip their forearm well even when pulling their sleeves.

weight:190 g
material:A double knit of 3.6 ounce polyester 100 % (recycled polyester 68 %). Back panel: 3.7 ounce recycle polyester 100 % jersey. The body and the back panel are applied with midori biofo soft, which increases moisture absorption and divergence and flexibility, and has been highly deodorized and deodorized. Cuffs: 5.2 ounce recycling nylon 79 % / polyurethane 21 % power knit.

Width 48 51 55 60 64 67
Height 65 67 70 72 75 77
Sleeve length 84 87 90 92 95 97
Finish dimension (flat/cm)
* It may be slightly different from the dimensions of the actual product.

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