Patagonia Patagonia Men's Long Sleeve Capley Cool Trail Shirt


Technical top with excellent elasticity, quick -drying and moisture -absorbing and abritivity that keeps the body comfortably during intense exercise. Uses a very soft and natural -like nier renewal material like cotton.

-Compactable material with a quick moisture absorption and radiation
70 % recycled polyester / Niear renewed (renewable wood pulp and plastic blends recovered from consumers) A comfortable long -sleeved crew neck using a jersey knit made of 30 % material. With elasticity, deodorant, and moisture -absorbing and starting, soft touch

-The set -in sleeve
Corresponds to a wide range of movements without rubbing the skin under the set -in sleeves and the side with a town

-Loop for hanging
With a loop that is convenient for hanging and drying

-No tags
The touch is comfortable because the tag is not used in the collar

-Contagonia woven logo
With P-6 label with weaving material on the front left hem

Weight: 159g
material:3.8 ounce recycling polyester 70 % / Niear renew (plastic pulp and consumers collected from consumers) 30 % span jersey. Midori Bio software has been processed to increase moisture absorption radiation and flexibility.

Width 47 50 53 58 62 66 74
Height 66 69 71 74 76 79 81
Sleeve length 84 86 89 91 92 94 97
Finish dimension (flat/cm)
* It may be slightly different from the dimensions of the actual product.

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