Papersky Papersky Hike & Bike Cordura Shirt


N/C oxford in cordura nylon

Cordura nylon is a durable and strong material that resists tearing and abrasion, making it ideal for both outdoor and town use.


Ventilation on the back improves airflow and regulates the temperature inside the garment during activities. A large pocket with a loop is placed on the left chest to hold a climbing map or sunglasses, and a loop is placed inside the left hip pocket to keep keys and small items from falling out during activities. Reflector loops are placed on the back to hang them on the wall during rest periods in mountain huts, etc., without hangers. During nighttime activities, it can be used as a marker in the dark.

About PAPERSKY: ....

PAPERSKY is a travel and lifestyle magazine launched in 2002.
Based on the concept of an "in-flight magazine read on the ground," PAPERSKY is a travel magazine that introduces stories born from nature, culture, and daily life around the world from a slightly different perspective.

PAPERSKY WEAR is a product line of clean, everyday clothing that is not too high-spec and was created from a traveler's perspective.

Lightweight, compact, simple and inspirational.
Travel and daily wear born from a traveler's perspective, with a sense of freedom and balance, and respect for all nature and culture.
PAPERSKY WEAR is a brand that combines a sense of living on the earth with the pursuit of quality materials and functionality.



Outer fabric: 55% nylon/45% cotton
Separate fabric: 100% polyester


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