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"Papersky" is a travel lifestyle magazine of 2002.
It is a magazine of the travel that introduces the story that arises from the nature, culture, and the life of the world in the concept to the concept "the in-flight magazine on the ground" concept.

As a product line, it is a pure daily clothes from a traveler's point of view not too high spec is "papersky wear".

Lightweight, compact, simple design inspiration.
Travel and daily wear from the perspective of travelers who are free and balanced, and respect every nature and culture.
Papersky wear is a brand that pursues good quality material and functionality and combines the sense of living in the earth.


Fabic point

Made of 100% cotton, it is soft and easy to dry.

Progpoint point

The four activities of papersky (climbing, fishing, skateboarding, bicycle) are expressed in one graphic and red color of the papersky logo. Graphic design is Andreas Samuelsson.



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