Papersky Paper Sky Merino Long Sleeve T-Shirt Men's


18.5 Micron shirts made of India using Merino Wool of SUPER100's

By applying washable processing to scrape off the fluff on the surface, it expresses high -quality coloring and glossy. The excellent temperature and humidity control function of Merino wool and the powerful deodorizing effect of natural are comfortable every day.

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The base layer is an important item that affects the maintenance and comfort of mountain climbing. Papersky's base layer is 100%Merino wool. Absorbs sweat quickly, releases moisture from the body surface, keeps the skin dry and keeps the skin dry. A thumb hall is attached to both sleeves so that it can be used for chilly climate.

What is Papersky ....

"Papersky" is a travel lifestyle magazine launched in 2002.
Based on the concept of "in -flight magazines read on the ground", it is a journal magazine that introduces the story that comes from nature, culture, and living in the world from a slightly different perspective.

As a product line, "Papersky Wear" is a clean everyday wear that is not too high spec from a traveler's point of view.

Inspired by lightweight, compact, simple design.
Travel and daily wear born from a traveler's perspective, free, balanced, and respects all nature and culture.
Papersky Wear is a brand that pursues high -quality materials and functionality and fuses the feeling of living on the earth.


Material: 100% hair


Wearing size: 169cm57kg M size


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