There is no need to bring your usual big wallet, which can be bulky when you go to running or enjoy trails or climbing. Recently, cashless has progressed a lot, but you still need cash when you enter a vending machine or restaurant, right? With this trail bank, you will have money to fully enjoy the daily activity. It is safe when something happens because you have a bill, coin, credit card and insurance card.   The coin pocket uses a PVC mesh, which is highly visible and easy to take out, so even at convenience stores. There is no need for time. Quick Flap concept that can be opened with one hand A soft fabric while having water repellency. Use X-PAC fabric. A hard fabric that combines water repellency and durability. A wallet that will definitely make your activity comfortable just by keeping it in your pocket. Please try. Estimated storage: 6 card storage Equipped with a highly visible PVC mesh coin pocket on the outside Weight: 45g Size: 120x90x10mm Main material: X-PAC

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