PAAGO WORKS Purgo Works Rush 5R


Racing vest in pursuit of comfort

It features a pocket layout developed by incorporating the opinions of many runners and an outstanding fit by its own adjustment mechanism.

The Rush 5R has a PAAGO WORKS design that picks up the good points of Rush UT, have no waste so that it can be used firmly in the race, and to customize the product with free ideas. The "functionality" is a gem of Japan Maid, which is also better than overseas manufacturers.

Adjustable Harnesses
You can freely adjust the length of the shoulder according to the body type and luggage amount.

Side Adjusters
You can adjust the hold feeling of the waist just by pulling the code on both sides.

Shoulder PocketS 1
You can wear soft flurcks and bottles in a position that is easy to drink while running.

Shoulder PocketS 2
Large -capacity pocket with supplements and gels. It is a design that is easy to access.

Side PocketS
A large pocket with a zipper that can store equipment with low specifications with confidence.

Trash Pocket
The right side is equipped with a special pocket for supplements and gel packaging garbage.


Main material: Stretch mesh


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