PAAGO WORKS Purgo Works W-Face Pouch 1


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Excellent 2 air chamber structure
With a unique two -room structure, you can sort and organize luggage that tends to be misaligned while traveling. The partition that separates the two air chambers is a movable type and can flexibly change the capacity.

Two types of materials
Uses nylon that is resistant to water, easy to pack, and mesh that improves visibility and breathability. Before and after use, it can be used conveniently depending on the idea such as WET & DRY.

Just size
Test and verification have been repeated assuming any scenes and necessary equipment. We derived the ideal just size, taking into account the balance as an inner bag and access to luggage. Not only outdoors, but also travel, usually, and stored at home, you can easily organize your luggage in various situations.

size:140x60x120 mm
Seed material: 40D nylon/polymesh


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