PAAGO WORKS Purgo Works Rush Plus


Add storage capacity to RUSH

A gear holder made in response to the voice of RUSH users. It is characterized by its compactness and versatility that can be kept in a bag at any time.


The table is a midnight gray, and the back is a Sky Gray reversible specification. In terms of design, the compatibility with RUSH is outstanding. (The photo is RUSH5 Sky Gray)

It is also a simple and versatile feature. It can also be attached to the BUDDY series and backpacks of other companies. (The photo is BUDDY16)

Easy Attached
It can be easily installed with 4 hooks, and you can adjust the length with a code lock.

Since the body is also a pocket, it is ideal for storing outer shells.

We are particular about compactness so that you can always keep it on the backpack. The weight is 90g.

Size 270x185mm
Capacity 0.5L
Weight 90g
Main material stretch mesh

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