OS1ST OS Fast IT3 Performance ITB sleeve


What is OS1ST?

Among the many supporters, it is a supporter used to suppress movement so that it does not overload the recurrence instead of the acute phase. Unlike fixed orthotics that are firmly fixed during the acute phase, it is hard to get stuffy, easy to move, and convenient to carry. It is a brand that is classified as a supporter category called NEXT TO SKIN and boasts the No.1.

-Inbelinated iliac ligament-

Relaxes pain related to ITBS (iliac ligament Sindrome). It is a thin construction that fits under clothing such as tights, so you can easily attach and take off.
Because it is soft and moisture absorbing, it can maintain comfort even when worn for a long time.

Size (around the top of the patella)
S 12-16 inch/30-40cm
M 14-18 inch/35-45cm
L 16-20 inch/40-50cm
XL 18.5-22.5 inch/47-57cm

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