OMM PHANTOM 20 (OMMM Phantom 20)

Phantom series developed for fast packing style climbing represented by mountain race. The biggest feature is a unique harness system that reduces the shaking of the pack with seven fulets. The Y-shaped harness after the neck fixes the center of gravity of the pack in the body center = the back of the body, and does not interfere with the shoulder movement, so it enables a more natural running foam. Any bad road, both sides of the V-shaped anchor adheres to the back to the back, and the rolling also suppresses rolling. Supported by the spine instead of the shoulder and the body of the pack is always moved to the left and right symmetrical when running, and it moves so that the shoulder extends. As a result, in a mechanism to carry on the shoulder of a general pack, the pack will cause the pack to be swayed left and right along with the running action. PhantomSuspension? System supports pack weight in back instead of shoulders. Y-shaped yoke is adopted behind the neck. This allows the shoulder to freely move the load by the load of the pack and can be moved freely and keeps a natural running form. Shock Absorbent Suspension Stabilizer Shock Absorbent Suspension Code placed on the left and right shoulders mitigates the roll of the pack and secures it on the spine. Adjustors arranged under the side are two Anchor points of the V-shaped belt and secure the best packed pack to the lower part of the spine, and suppresses the vertical swing of the pack. When the runner stretches, the lower belt pulls the pack and lands up, and the upper belt tightens, and the shoulder belt prevents the shoulder from lifting from the shoulder. Front Storage Phantom 12: 2 × Soft Flask / Hidden Pocket, 2 × Hidden Pocket Phantom 20: 1 x 750 ml Bottle Holder Pocket + 1 x Soft Soft Flasco / Stash Pocket + 1 x Stash Pocket Fitting: Y Load the package of the package to the shapes of the figure. The left and right suspension codes adjust the tension appropriately to the position where it can be made fine adjustment even during the race. UHMWPU-Lightweight, Waterproof, Terms of Waterproof, Waterproof, Waterproof Weight: Lightweight, Waterproof, Terms of Weight: 50gsm Full Weight: 360g Leanweight: 315g Capacity: 20 L Back Padding: 6mm EVA Pad Pocket: Front Stretch Mesh Pocket: Front Stretch Mesh Pocket X2, Top Pocket with Fastener X1 Compression: Freely customized using loops of each unit. OMM Lean Weight Kit Can Expand. Back length: 40 cm uhmwpu color: orange / black

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