OMM Omem Phantom 25


Phantom series developed for fast packing style climbing

The Phantom series developed for fast -packing style climbing represented by mountain races. The biggest feature is the unique harness system that suppresses the shaking of the pack with seven fulcrums. The Y -shaped harness after the neck fixes the center of gravity of the pack to the center of the body = the spine, and does not hinder the movement around the shoulder, making it more natural running form. On any bad road, the V -shaped anchor on both sides adheres the pack perfectly on the back, and suppresses the rolling and shaking.

The back length is titanium peg carbon fiber core material
EVA resin shoulder belt harness
Large back mesh pocket
Front bottle pocket x2
Belt pocket with zipper x2
DUOMAT Sleep Mat /Back System
Reflective logo
Hydration compatible
Front mesh pocket hydration, gel, behavioral food, other necessities

Weight: Full Weight 725g / Leanweight 505g*
Capacity: 25 L
Long length: 46-54 cm
Material: Cordura/ 30 denier nylon

Supporting the spine instead of the shoulder to reduce the shaking of the pack

The Phantom Suspension® system is designed to reduce shaking by fitting the pack on the spine. The Y -shaped harness on the back of the neck stabilizes the pack in the center of the back. The pack of the pack does not hinder the movement of the arm around the shoulder. Realizes a more natural running form like aerial space.

Shock absorption suspension stabilizer

The shock absorption suspension code placed on the left and right shoulders reduces the rolling of the pack and fixes it over the spine.
Fitting: Pack the Y -shaped harness after the neck so that the pack of the pack is applied. The left and right suspension codes are adjusted to a moderate tension, and can be fine -tuned even during the race.

Suppress row

The adjuster located under the armpit becomes an anchor point of two V -shaped belts, and the best pack is fixed to the lower spine to reduce the structure of the pack. When the runner kicks up, the lower belt pulls the pack, and when landing, the upper belt is tightened, preventing the shoulder belt from rising from the shoulder.

Implement tent frames, pegs, and mats in a pack and reduce weight

For a racer who wants to reduce the weight of one gram, Phantom 25 has been designed so that a tent and other sleeping gears can be built into a pack. Instead of a back frame, a self -supported tent pole. The tent peg is replaced by titanium peg for adjusting the back length. Duomat on the back pad can be used as a sleeping mat

Front pocket expansion option

Phantom 25 is a high -end model that follows the size of the OMM classic series and combines the high -performance function unique to the phantom series. The mesh pocket on the back is enough to put a rain jacket or spare layer, and there are also large side pockets that can store water bottles and other items. Phantom 25 is infinite when combined with OMM's Gopods, Compressorpods, and various bottle holders.


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