OMM OM Mountain Raid 160


Sleeping bag for minimalists

Demonstrates the best performance with the best combination of materials. It is a sleeping bag for minimalist. The outer shell uses Pointzero® fabric that is resistant to water and dirt with DWR water -repellent processing.

The batting has adopted Primaloft® Gold, which boasts the highest warmth and weight ratio among the synthetic cotton currently available in the market. In order to maximize the performance of the material, I used PRIMALOFT® GOLD on the back, 60g of the top and 100g of the feet.

The cylindrical shape of the feet is more heat retention, and here is also included with 100g of Primaloft® Gold. The outer shell is designed loosely to keep the batting bulk and maximize heat retention. In addition, the liner and batting are sewn together, so the batting does not partially cool down.

Warm even if it gets wet
Synthetic cotton is better than down in terms of keeping the heat retention without impairing the bulk even if it gets wet. If it is dry, there is nothing higher than the down, but Primaloft Gold with Cross Core Technology boasts an anti -heavy hypohile temperature that is comparable to down.

Offset half zip
Mountain RAID sleeping bags use half zip to reduce even a little weight. The zip is located from the right and can be easily opened from inside.

Wind -proof
OMM's Point Zero fabric is used for the inner and outer layers. This ultra -lightweight fabric is used on the inside and outside of a tent with a ventilation hole, so it prevents air around the insulation fiber and achieves the maximum warmth.

Total weight: 450g
Length: 195cm/XL 210cm
Width around the shoulder: 65cm/XL 75cm
Foot width: 35cm
Packing size: 22 x 15 cm
Sew the batting to the liner
Outer shell fabric: POINT ZERO®
100g /top, 60g /back


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