OMM OMM Core Hoodie Men's


Thermal Insulated Hoody with PRIMALOFT® NEXT

Can be worn alone or in combination with other layers.

The Ultra-light Core Series with PRIMALOFT® NEXT provides the same warmth as other insulation products, but at only half the weight. and breathability.

The design of the Core Series is as unique as its performance. Adaptable layers can be used for a variety of levels of activity. Worn as an outer shell, the mesh fabric quickly dissipates excess heat and moisture. Or, worn as an inner layer with an outer shell, it provides exceptional warmth retention.

The Core Hoodie is made of 75g PRIMALOFT® NEXT, a lighter version of the 125g PRIMALOFT® NEXT used in the Core Jacket.

Partial specification change
The cuff stretch has been reduced.
This is because the cuffs of the previous version had a large degree of spreading and wrinkling as the garment was used. With this specification change, the cuffs are tighter at the start of use, but we have made the cuffs tighter in order to prioritize long-term use.


Retains warmth even when wet
Sewing is positioned away from shoulders to prevent friction and flatlock seams
Soft rolled collar
Reflective logo

Weight: 115g
Material: PolyesterPRIMALOFT® NEXT - 75g/Stretch Fabric


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