OLENO Ultimate ASO (Ultimate Socks)

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Ultimate (ultimate) socks for athletes seeking the best durability and comfort. In this new version, which received a great response in Makuake, the super grip of the nano fiber "nano flont" developed by Tayijin Co., Ltd. for the first time in the world will be "adhesive" and integrates foot + socks + shoes. 。 Also, as before, the strong CORDURA FABRIC® is 13 times the normal sports socks. This is no longer "consumables" but "equipment".

Features 1: New material that produces outstanding grips The nano fiber "nano flont" developed by Tayijin Co., Ltd. in the world is an ultra -fine fiber with a diameter of 700 nanometers. It is said that the cross -sectional area of ​​one thread is 1/7500 of the hair. The grip using fibers that cannot be seen in this eye integrates the feet, socks, and shoes, minimizing the friction during intense movement such as running. Features 2: Outstanding durability in Cordura Fabric®︎ Cordura nylon is a fiber that is seven times the strength of nylon and is used to create sturdy products such as bags. It is a little heavy compared to ordinary fibers, but it doesn't feel much if it's about socks. By adopting this cordura, it can be almost durable to say that there is no more. Features 3: Japan -made high quality silicon rubber makes the shoe out of the shoes as possible. Silicone rubber, which creates a grip that can be said that it does not move at all by wearing a flooring and trying to move your feet sideways, reduces the friction between shoes and socks due to hard movements. If the friction is strong, it will generate heat, the soles will be hot, causing beans, so it will minimize friction to prevent beans. Features 4: Reduces fingertips stress This socks, knitted in a three -dimensional, have a firm fit to each finger tip, and realizes the breathability of the soles with a large amount of sweating and a unique knitting method, creating comfort. I am. The left is Ultimate Socks, the right is the conventional product, but the size is a feeling of size, but please choose according to the actual size base of your feet. It seems a little bigger if you choose the size of the shoes. In addition, if the size is barely, I think that it is better to choose smaller. Size: 23cm -25cm / 25cm ~ 27cm / 27cm ~ 29cm Nylon 57% polyester 36% polyurethane 7%


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