Nathan Soft Flask 600ml (Nathan Soft Flask 600ml)


NATHAN's soft flask has a simple structure and has a convenient lock function

In recent years, as the way of holding water has become diversified, I feel that the number of people carrying water with waist belts has increased. However, especially if you try to carry a soft flask that does not have a lock function with a waist belt etc. without any measures, the drinking mouth will be squeezed and the water will leak. Isn't it? This product has a lock function and is safe.
Even if you do not use a waist belt, there is another bottle with water in the backpack, and a bottle with a lock function is definitely useful.

By the way, all NATHAN's soft flasks are made by HYDRAPAK, so they have excellent compatibility such as similar bottles.

The specifications are as follows
・ The drinking mouth is 42mm and large aperture
→ Ice can be cooled and can be carried around in the summer season.
・ Freezing is also possible
・ BPA & PVC free
・ Eliminate water leakage when transporting with a waist belt with the lock function
・ Maximum response temperature 60 ° C


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